Gallery of Surreal Photographs by Maz Mahjoobi at No Mind Photography.

Abstract & surreal photography techniques are done in-camera, while shooting, using manual techniques. Transforming nature into new forms of imagery, often abstract, using a camera and other objects is what I enjoy, using a variety of techniques including long exposure & camera motion where the scene becomes the brush that paints light across the camera sensor. I try to keep post-processing to the basics, mostly only making adjustments to color, brightness, contrast and cropping. My philosophy is that I do as little as possible, in processing, to alter my images, which makes them mostly in-camera art as opposed to computer-generated art.

Years of graphic design work strongly influences my photography, focusing on the two-dimensional qualities of the subject, the relationships between lines, shapes and textures, a kind of flat design versus a three-dimensional representation.

Faithfully reproducing the scene is not really my style, instead transforming it into my own vision and interpretation of what is being viewed is.