Red Rock Canyon State Park

Sunbeam Valley

Red Rock Canyon State Park

I had a wonderful time on a recent excursion off of Highway 395 which is my usual route down to Orange County, California. This is a state park I’d always passed on my way, and always wanted to pay a short visit to. So this time I finally did.

Red Rock Canyon State Park turned out to be quite a delight. A lot of nice large rock formations with reddish hues. I couldn’t spend too long there, so I took some shots of a few locations that initially impressed me. Being early in the afternoon, there really was no chance of any amazing warm sunset shots, so I took advantage of the glaring bright sun. I noticed that the rock formations looked amazing right at the edge of their shadow where they partially obscured the sun. And I found that the crevices and caves inside the formations were amazing. Especially when I lay down inside them and looked up at the sky!

Here are a few of the shots that turned out nice:

Maz Mahjoobi
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